Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello, world!

... and welcome to the UNIX Game Development weblog, the place is for everybody making Unix-like systems more fun.

Regardless of occupation and mastery, this blog is not limited to code gurus, and ought to serve atistry, business, design, music, and all other aspects in the development of a game for Unix-like systems.

Having a look at the history of UNIX, it stands out being the favourite system for any kind of hackery, and nowadays reached a solid and almost user-friendly level. On the other side, it is still used by a small crowd, and not of major concern for desktop users, which involves being secondary for gaming. Actually it's not that bad anymore, but still nothing compared to other systems.

The intention of this blog is to collect news, information and guidance, to reflect the present situation, and to network developers.

I start it in my own interest as a hobby game developer, so don't expect too much, but this may change in the future - who knows. Furthermore, I'ld like to excuse any mistakes on verbalization and spelling, 'cause I'm german, but to the benefit of everybody I prefer to author in english.

It's strange, but for years I couldn't find a website dedicated to Unix Game Development. I know it doesn't differ too much for other systems, nevertheless I still miss it. Therefore I try to start something, and maybe it's cool - we'll see what happens.

So far so good. Any serious help is welcome, wether feedback or participation.

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