Friday, September 14, 2007


... I think it would be nice to give a short status report about the Unix Game Development project, as it almost exist 3 month and we get into the next quarter ...

Somehow, a lot has changed since the beginning, and this blog expanded by a board, wiki, and IRC - some other ideas are in the implementation - but somehow it also looks quite the same than in the beginning, 'cause those elements are easy to setup, but nothing without game developers. Principally this won't change my position, and I'll continue working on this project - you have my word - 'cause I really think it could become something cool. Nevertheless I have not unlimited time, and game development is a very complex topic. Therefore it may appear things are slow and cheesy, but you should consider this project was just an experiment out of curiosity, though it would be great if UNIXGAMEDEV will become something serious.

A basic infrastructure for communication and knowledge is ready to use, though it's still very silent there. Next I'll try to create a consistent style for the website(s), and some beautifications. Nevertheless, this project will continue to use free services, simply to make a constant presence beyond personal interests possible.

I really hope some more developers will join soon, 'cause this would be more fun for everybody, though this is not in my hand. But what I am currently working on - beside of beautification and filling with content - is to create a developer/project search.

At last I'll give you an overview about the services of UNIXGAMEDEV:
P.S.: I moved the old board to the new location at Tuxfamily, because they are hosting Unix/FOSS-like websites for free, and the functionality of a forum hosting service was to limited (no backups). Please contact me if you notice a problem with the new solution.

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