Sunday, July 15, 2007

Let's talk about Game Development

There's effectively no real discussion group, neither forums nor mailing lists, about Unix/Linux game development. Nevertheless I'll try to present you what already exist:

That was everything! Not really much, but we are working on it.


JLP said...

Maybe Game Programming Wiki should also be mentioned. It is a Wiki so it is easy to add and change content. And it would be nice if it could be extended to be Game Development Wiki. Maybe this could be a start for some *nix game development community.

Michael said...

I do like the GP Wiki, too. It's a very good resource in the Internet, and to my mind similar projects shouldn't compete and rather collaborate anyway.

However, I miss something specific for Unix, and the GP Wiki doesn't really feed my need on this, and that's what this is about: Unix, game development, and unity. I'm not sure if this is really needed, but I would like it, and that's why I started all this, to find it out and maybe getting something started.

Imagine the latest gamedev book for our favorite platform is at least two years old. Searching the web for information might be okay for programmers, but I don't think so for artists, musicians, authors, etc. - especially beginners - as this is not very user friendly, and this has always been one of the bad reps of Unix.

Some days ago I had an idea, to start a UGD Wiki with the aim to collect articles for a book or more (I like books), to fund this project and maybe give a donation to the authors too. This would make the Wiki project a complete different thing, and wouldn't be in competition with another gamedev project, while it's specifically improving the information content for UGD. Wouldn't it be great to see these books in the shelves of your bookstore beside other gamedev books?! I think so.

JLP said...

Oh yes, it would definitely be great to see books specific to Unix development. And I also have a feeling that one of the best ways to get it is to start a Wiki book, which could find a great place here on this page. A wiki here could also be used to host articles that are not long enough to get into book. But I guess forums is a better place for ideas like this. It gets lost easier here in comments.