Saturday, October 20, 2007

EA wants 'open gaming platform'

The BBC reports a cry from EA for an open gaming platform,

"We want an open, standard platform which is much easier than having five which are not compatible."


mithro said...

EA also wants to pay their employees for 40 hours a week and have them work 80-90 hours. EA is all about increasing profits at the expensive of all else.

This comment from EA has nothing to do with the freedom associated with an open gaming platform but with reducing their costs to increase profit.

Michael said...

Truely, this may has nothing to do with open source, but I think it's still an interesting comment from EA. Having open specification for a gaming console could also be interesting for the open source community, in my opinion. Not to forget, there are already some attempts to create more or less something like that:

Michael said...

I forgot about that, Sony officially supports Linux

Andy "Sindwiller" Ratchev said...

Well, actually, Sony supports other OS's on the PS3 only minimally. Most parts of the PS3 hardware documentation are unclear, and Sony is preventing other OS's to use the GPU framebuffer and some other advanced multimedia features. Meaning that using Linux on a PS3 is obviously useless, since you don't have 3d graphics or multimedia.