Monday, October 15, 2007

New Project: Search Engine For Free Media Content, Developers & Projects

I'll announce the development of a search engine for free art, and a developer/project database starts to get serious. It's work is done in collaboration with Freegamer. A more detailed description is found at Ghoulwiki, but I'll give a quick an overview of the basic ideas:
  • bring artists and developers closer together
  • search engine for existing free art
  • a database for projects and developer
  • using the CakePHP framework
  • thread at freegamer
  • thread at unixgamedev
At the moment we're in the planning phase and probably have three developers for this project. It seems we all have to learn how to work with CakePHP, though this shouldn't be a big problem.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or even think about helping us, feel free to contact - we appreciate the feedback.

Btw. Ghoulsblade has collected an awesome list of free game development links. It's definitely worth to have a look at it.

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