Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unix Game Development closes

I am sorry to announce the Unix Game Development project will close soon. Due to lack of feedback and overlapping interest with other similar projects we decided to collaborate with Freegamer and shut down the board, wiki, and Irc the next days. I may continue with this blog, because of private interest in this subject. Unless there is no good reason to revive this project I recommend you other communities.


Jeffrey said...

I hope you don't abandon Unix Game Development. Personally, I follow your blog but am not capable of starting a unix game at the moment. I'm sure things will pick up, just keep it alive long enough and soon others will follow.


Michael said...

Hey Jeffrey,

I'll keep up running the blog, but all other activities, as the board, wiki, and IRC are closed - well, the channel actually still exists. It's not really too sad for me, as these parts found a new home at:
#freegamer @ freenode

Our both projects have a similar scope so we decided to collaborate, and that's a good thing, simply to prevent having dozen of similar and small projects with the same aim. FreeGameDev is a nice, friendly, and active community which is also Unix dominant.

Nevertheless, the vision of UNIXGAMEDEV died, and unless there is no good reason or a new concept, a reanimation is very unlikely.