Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Free Game Development

I just discovered another game development forum, which focuses on free game development. Earlier, it has been about free games only, but it seems the team recently got new ambitious, and want to start a free game development community. As a matter of fact is also very Unix friendly, and they have analog ideas about FOSS game development.


Ridhi said...

Hi there Michael. I'm a freelance journalist and am currently researching a story on educational game development in India, using FOSS. having tremendous difficulty locating developers, users alike. If you have any leads please do let me know. Thank you in advance. best of luck with this blog. :)

Michael said...

Hi ridhi

You should have a look at the Linux Game Tome search at first:

Some popular games are:

GCompris -

Childsplay -

Tux Paint -

Contacting the developers should be no problem.

Another good start into education software in general would be an education focused Linux distribution, like Edubuntu - - though it's not strictly about edu game development. Edubuntu is a very popular distribution for this purpose, and has also many users, so there's definitely a market.

The EduPup GioveLUG 1.1 project could be another interesting distro -

Likely there are more, but I'm not really a kids/edu gamer or developers, but I hope this helps you.