Tuesday, August 14, 2007

John Carmack on the Future of Linux Gaming

John Carmack, the lead programmer of id Software (Wolfenstein,Doom, Quake, ...), gave his statement about the future of Linux gaming on the QuakeCon, and that he will continue to publish his sources of Doom 3, but read the complete article at United Underground.


Patrick said...

Thanks for linking to us!

-Patrick Lutz,
United-Underground Administrator

JLP said...

It's nice to see that at least some game developers care about other platforms and using crossplatform technologies like SDL and OpenGL. I don't know why so many game developers fall into the trap of DirectX which then only works on one platform. DirectX 10 is even worse, it only works in Vista. It is also nice to see that OpenGL is getting stronger again. And I also see much more interest in using a common open standard format for game assets exchange. Just check out Collada. I just hope this all means better times for us Linux / Unix gamers.