Friday, August 31, 2007

Ubuntu Founder On Linux Games

Lifehacker published an interview with Mark Shuttleworth on Productivity and Linux. and beside he stated his opinion about the current situation of Linux games & the game industry.

: The readers have also commented that they are staying away from Linux because it is missing big name software packages—especially games. Is there a strategy to overcome this traditionally unconquerable Linux roadblock?

Mark Shuttleworth: Games are a particularly difficult thing to address on Linux. Obviously that's less of an issue in a corporate environment or amongst professional developers who may well have multiple computers and have a gaming machine for their own personal use separate from their development machine. It is not something we particularly want to address at this stage. That industry has very specific economics that we can't really influence.

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Andy "Sindwiller" Ratchev said...

"That industry has very specific economics that we can't really influence."

What about helping to improve the game development environments on Linux systems/freedom platforms in general? What about giving game developers stimuli to port or work on Linux?