Friday, August 24, 2007

Torvalds on Games

Linux Torvalds gave an interview to apc about the future of Linux. To the end of the interview they dig up Linus past as game developer ;)

APC: Before you wrote the kernel, you wrote a clone of Pacman. Do you play games at all and if you do, which ones?

LT: I don't games that much, I don't tend to find it interesting enough. And when I do play, I tend to play things that are more kids or teenager games: more of a "platformer" kind of thing. I played the original Prince of Persia a long time ago before I started Linux, and for that reason I tried out the modern versions, and liked those too ("Sands of Time" in particular, the later ones were a bit too serious).

APC: Would you write another game if you had the time? If yes, what would it be? Do you have a favourite type of game, such as adventure?

LT: I really only wrote some (fairly bad) games because I was interested in the programming, not so much the playing. I found it more interesting to just do flicker-free graphics at high performance than the actual game-play.

So no, I'd probably never do a game again. Especially in these times, when games are a lot more about the content, and less about the things I used to worry about.

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