Friday, August 17, 2007

Next Round for OpenGL

The last weeks OpenGL comes out with some good news. At first the announcement of OpenGL 3.0, which will drop backward compatibility to get better performance of modern hardware and makes development easier.

The second thing is the Linux release of the gDEBugger, a high quality OpenGL debugger and profiler. This tool will help to make your applications faster by letting you trace for performance killer and bugs.

The last thing is the release of the glslDevil, a tool for debugging the OpenGL shading pipeline.


Andy "Sindwiller" Ratchev said...

I hope that the Khronos group is the main contributor to OGL 3.0, or we'll get another crappy OGL 1.5 :P

JLP said...

I think it is hard to say that Khronos is now the main contributor. Not a lot has changes since then. The main contributors are companies that make graphics hardware (AMD/ATI, nVidia, ...) and other companies and individuals that use OpenGL and/or are interested into OpenGL development. I guess hardware companies have the most influence. Since they first develop some graphics chip which can do something new in hardware and then they expose this feature using a vendor specific OpenGL extension for it. Later when other companies find it useful and it gets used a lot this vendor specific extension becomes a part of core OpenGL. What Khronos group is doing now, that has maybe been missing in the past is more and better promotion of OpenGL to other parties like community developers and game studios. And I think that this also includes collecting feedback for improvements. Well that's at least how I see it.